Anthology Project-1

"Acknowledgments" by Theresa Williams. Book page, black marker

“Acknowledgments” by Theresa Williams. Book page, black marker

The American Literature Anthology that I used back in my college days is coming apart. When I moved it to a different stack yesterday, several pages fell out, and I found myself looking down at the word “Acknowledgments.” I got the idea to draw a picture of my parents, to acknowledge their help to me. I was initially influenced by the wonderful books made by James Castle, who used book pages on which to draw. A favorite medium of his was soot mixed with spit. I settled for a nice smooth marker.  I didn’t realize until after I’d drawn the picture that the first line at the bottom of the picture includes the words,  “The Zoo Story.” Family photos have always intrigued me.  They make the most dysfunctional families look perfect when in fact the homes are ruled by the basest of the animal passions, such as one might see in a zoo. In ways I didn’t intend, this piece speaks of my ambivalence toward my parents.